I love the internets...

Sometimes the world can offer me things that make me very, very happy. This is one of those things. YouTube is the best new internet fad since Myspace.


ted d. said...

the guys that started my company started a company that does the same thing as youtube, but has no content and i think is going to fade out.

I was listening the Nancy & Lee 3 when I jumped over to your sight and immediately recognized that sweet freeze frame.

ted d. said...

btw: back when I was a creedler; I was really into einsturzende neubauten's halber mensch album--- and now it's come full circle: ie: this youtube link of E.N doing "Sand" written by Lee Hazelwood and performed originally by he and Nancy Sinatra.

link: http://youtube.com/watch?v=-KrL0QLaCAk&search=nancy%20sinatra