This is it: my real spring break. I will be receiving a haircut, a massage, and tons of soda. I'm looking forward to restoring my powers this week. On my drive to my parents' house, I picked up something I've been meaning to try, the new Tab Energy beverage. I figure the key to my ongoing battle with depression is to just keep various energy drinks circulating through my system at all times.

Not only am I turned on by the slender pink can (marketing: it works!), I'm also enchanted by diet drinks. I figured this would taste like the original Tab, cola-flavored, but boy, is it different. The first pink sip was fizzy and sweet, with an aftertaste of...grass? Yes, grass! So refreshing. I read the ingredient list, and discovered that the grassy flavor was ginseng, which I know from once consuming a drink that contained a big hunk of ginseng root which floated around in the bottom of the bottle.

Bottom line: I really want to feel better, and am taking steps like this one to make the healing happen. Go Tab Energy! WHOO!

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