I should be nude...

Okay, so when you look up "depression" on Google Images, the first image is a photo collage featuring a naked, crouching woman, and the second image is a naked teenager/child lying in bed, from a website called "dreamstarlets." Luckily, the third image is this.

I had a delicious turkey sandwich today, and part of a club sandwich, and a bacon and egg sandwich. Reverse order.

In the basement this weekend there was a nice old-fashioned dresser. I took one drawer to start, just to make sure no one else took it. Throughout the week, I took more drawers, but wasn't able to carry the whole thing up the stairs. I kept waiting on it, saying, "I'll get someone to help me tomorrow." Every day, I checked on it: still there. Except for today, when I was finally ready to get it! Fucker. So now I have four drawers. Any ideas on what to do with them?


Tara said...

HI, Miss Polly! OK...so where did the dresser go? Trash? Did it belong to somebody? You should ask around.....Just say, “Hey do you know what happened to that drawer-less dresser that was in the basement?.....Uh yeah I was gonna throw a sheet over it to ‘cover the missing drawers’ and use it as a table if no one wanted it.”....{smirk}
Well I must say that I so totally know how you feel with this depression thing. ONLY difference is when I had it (at it's worst extent) it was caused be something traumatic. Even though it's been almost 2 yrs. since it happened the depression hasn't gone away completely. Depression isn't really a bad thing. It's just a way your body copes with things that are taking a tole on you emotionally. You see, if the "depression" didn't make you tired you'd probably do way to much and eventually your body would shut down. I think they call those nervous break downs. So, with me, now that it has been sometime since my "trauma", I still have my moments. But I've gotten stronger and I just do stuff that distracts me from it. I say, ”FUCK YOU, depression! I’m gonna have a good time today!” Then I DO!
And.....you must realize you’re so respected and appreciated....and if you don’t you’re gonna! After I announced my new position at FCMI, I had several people say....”NOW ALL WE NEED IS POLLY BACK!” And I said...”Yeah I know.....then this place would be perfect!” I know you can’t come back, but just the thought made us happy. Oh yeah...as YES....YOU SHOULD BE NUDE!!!!LOL I guess when people are depressed they don't like to put their clothes on. I can relate! LOL

Miriam said...

Dreamstarlets! Depression has never been so SEXAY! Yowza!

No, seriously, one thing that always bothers me when I'm down is that, you know how in movies when people are depressed they're kind of elegantly wasted-looking? Like in Girl Interrupted? But in real life when you're down you just look so bad, or at least I do: unwashed, unbrushed, smelly, bloated. It's like, great, the last thing I need is an inferiority complex about my inability to look gauntly sexy.

lms said...

you know, polly, a couple of years ago i made a birthday present for sue out of an old drawer...kind of pasted things in there, almost like a collage, certainly inspired by jospeh cornell....that kind of thing. and then i put a plastic sheeting over the top and nailed it into place with upholstery tacks.

ohmygod, do i sound ridiculous? i kind of do. it wasn't hard at all, though and didn't even take very long, and most importantly, it didn't look ridiculous, i swear it. it looked pretty.

also, another idea: i think there was something in ready made or perhaps another one of those budget/designer home magazines, hell it could have been martha, about mounting the drawers on the wall in a shelf type configuration. it looked like it might work, as long as you didn't put anything heavy in there, you know?

also: i'm sorry you're feeling this way. its a chronic problem with me, too, and i know nothing i can say will make you feel any better or make anything seem more purposeful, but i just wanted to check in, say hello, and tell you that i think you're great.

now go make art out of furniture.
and send me your address via email, i will send you mail. good mail always helps depression.

one last (this might help as well): my dog still loves the pillow you made. she sleeps on it every day.


some dude said...

Sorry to hear you're down. being crafty, thought you might enjoy these pics of little small clothespin people