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sue said...

dear polly,
thanks for sharing your jerky story. i laughed my ass off. it was great to hear your voice thru the internet. i miss you.


Tara said...

My Dearest Polly,
It was sooooo very good to hear your voice and I just wanted you to know that I read your last blog when you said how you didn't think you'd get as lucky as you did last summer with a temp job this summer and I almost cried. However, I didn't because I'm a cold heartless bitch and well enough said. But I did say "aaahhhh, I miss you, Polly!" out loud....but then my jackass boyfriend walked in the room and wanted to know who I was talkin' to. He, as well as his presence pretty much ruined the moment, but he's gone now and I just wanted to throw a few words out to let ya know I'm thinkin' of ya and I'm glad to hear your shady ass is gettin' sum sunshine on it! and I'm off to get some jerky! ThanX!

Derek said...

I kind of want to try Chicken Fajita jerky. I know it sounds gross, but...sort of delicious.

ted d. said...

fact: chicken fajita jerky or otherwise sounds gross to me.

fact: those steak bites have taunted me from many a counter/store hand rack. one of us will have to crack the code and try them.