School's out, for summer!

Whoo! School's over (until summer school starts, that is), I quit my job, the weather is amazing, and I'm feeling pretty good. Right now I'm browsing Sephora.com and drinking wine. This is a thing I wouldn't have been doing a week ago. Or, if I was doing it, I would have been doing it with a sinking sense of doom.

I think my brain is getting better. I hope. I'd like to thank all the people who have been so patient with me for the past few months, as I have been a shady, shady character.

I'm ready to hit the temp scene again, although I can't imagine getting as lucky as I did last summer. I'm excited to not work at Whole Foods ever again, because that joint makes my heart shrink, plus, I spend way too much money there.

I'm going home tomorrow to visit my mom for a pre-Mother's Day celebration. This is a very special Mother's Day, as my mom is not only still alive, but looking wonderful and full of energy. It's so great. In fact, I think I might post a picture of her, which would truly send her into convulsions. But she doesn't read this website, so HA! HA!

Okay, so I couldn't find the picture I wanted. I think these cats going to sleep will suffice.

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