Things are looking up. Last week I worked for three whole days, as a temporary assistant to a fancypants high-level publishing executive, and although I'm still getting by on the $21.90 I have in the bank, money is coming soon.

I also have an interview tomorrow to possibly assist an awesome artist with the production of her stuffed animals. FOR MONEY! Cross your fingers.

My extra-special boyfriend got me a present this weekend: it's called Salsaghetti (+ gusano) and it's guaranteed to destroy anyone who attempts to consume it. It's "hot watermelon candy straws and tamarind sauce," and the tamarind sauce comes in a separate packet. I'm saving it for a special occasion. It reminds me of one of my old favorite websites.

School is good, my bed is made, I've made some interesting meals with the odds and ends in my pantry, although none have rivaled the legendary chicken pancake. And if I feel like I might go hungry before my student loan money comes, there's always Salsaghetti.


ted d. said...

Salsaghettti sounds like the ultimate foodstuff, especially if it has chili pepper in it.

Anne Lynch said...

Hey Polly! I am at my friend's house where they are trying to pry the computer out of my hands. I haven't had wi-fi in weeks! Love your recent blog posts!!! I hope you get the job with the rad artist! Love, Anne

Jen said...

I just came across your blog from the Etsy Sellers who Blog ring. I'm in it too. i really dig what you've got to say... and here's some food-thoughts for your pantry!