I know, I know, it's been months, and I don't even know if anyone checks this thing anymore, but I'm back for a moment to give an update on my adventures! Maybe a list form will be helpful.

In no particular order:

1. School started.
2. I was an artist's model.
3. I'm moving out of my studio into a basement apartment in the Mission with two guys.
4. A man said, "Hello, baby," to me on the street, and I responded, "Hola."
5. I must maintain a 29.5 inch waist to keep my new job.
6. My mother's and my blood types match. For the kidney deal.
7. I'm still in love.
8. I started obsessing about Super Mario 1-3.
9. I'm actually writing every day.
10. I've only gotten two parking tickets in the past few months.
11. Evan and Sarah visited, Dylan visited, my parents are visiting.
12. I saw the Silver Jews.
13. I'm going to see the Decemberists again.
14. My thesis is going to be awesome.

Yup, that about sums it up! I'm going to start posting again once I move, because I'll have the interweb again, and I still have lots of things to say.


sue said...

dearest polly,
i wanted you to know that indeed i still read your blog and i'm happy you posted this lovely list about your life! you sound so happy and wonderful and you look pretty fantastic as well!!! call me sometime so we can chat about our friendship and being in love and crafting and when you are coming to visit me. i miss you so very much, lady!


p.s. what's your new address so i can send you an extra special goody package? i have a polly collection again!!!

PollyStalker said...

I'm gonna try to comment, but it usually doesn't let me.

It's so nice to see you blogging again! And nice to see Evan! And that other girl I knew for like 15 years, but whose name I forget!

I want your address too if you're givin it out!

I'm a big fan of Polly!

PollyStalker said...

Yay! It let me comment!

ted d. said...

totally unrelated to anything, I checked ur blog and found this newest entry which filled me with delight.

I think I am back in business too, it must be the change in season?

I am not coming to SFO until later. I will call you.