This weekend I went to San Luis Obispo to get five vials of blood sucked out of my arm at the kidney center and eat some frozen yogurt, but while I was there, I did some other stuff, too.

I watched this film called The Ruling Class, and it kind of blew my mind, but not totally. I've never been a big fan of the concept of "alienation" in theater and film, as in, we're gonna do something fucking crazy just to make you feel weird and uncomfortable about it. This movie takes a turn that I just couldn't go along with, and it also happened to be a turn that was not only "alienating" but also "boring."

That said, Peter O'Toole is a GENIUS ACTOR, and the first half of The Ruling Class is bizarre and hilarious. Like Harold and Maude on crack. Highly recommended for anyone who has three-ish hours on their hands. (That means you, Ted.)


Squidhelmet said...

THat is a phenomenal movie! I was pretty stunned when I saw it as well, both by the twists and by the fact that it opens with autoerotic asphyxiation! Peter O'toole breaks my heart. He is an evil genius!

I saw that film in a critical analysis class and had amazing discussions about it! Woo hoo!

ted d. said...

as you obviously know, I do like to restrict my movies to 120minutes (formerly 90 minutes)... but I also say that any movie opening with what I can _only_ _hope_ is an hommage to the great artistic talent from down under's last orgasm, I have to approve.

ted d. said...

btw, i am so glad that you have so brave to have your blood tested, I couldn't even handle that. It's just another example of what an exemplary person ponsley is.

Derek said...

I really wanted to like this movie when I first saw it, but it was SO boring. I rememer thinking it would have been better if it had been 45 minutes shorter. Good luck with that kidney thing. My phobia of blood and surgical procedures fills me with a slight feeling of discomfort over this situation, but I do admire your bravery.