birdies, etc

Ok, so I don't know anything about art or cartoons, but I just spent the last half hour reading John Kricfalusi(of Ren & Stimpy fame) 's blog, and he has some really interesting posts on color theory that were fun to read. I highly recommend.

This weekend we rode our bikes all the way to Fort Funston (way far!), ate prosciutto and gruyere sandwiches on the beach, and basically exhausted ourselves on the hottest day of Indian summer. I couldn't even lift a burrito to my mouth after that ride. I love how dirty that sentence sounds.

On Sunday I rode bike again! Down the street to the Make-out Room, where I saw this great thing called the Poetry Bus. It was basically lots of poets on a bus, and then they got off the bus and read some poems. The poems were mostly in the range of good to AWESOME, and it was super fun.

I have recently been feeling that my poetry seriously blows, but I don't care that much because, guess what?

I'm giving my mother my left kidney in May! Hooray for luck and modern medicine!


ted d. said...

wow big news pons.

I'll have to come up with a special new knickname for you after the procedure. Maybe when I see your moms I can ask if I can talk to little pons.

please email me your new address, teds.

Crystal said...

Polly, that is amazing!
BTW whats the make out room? I may possibly be coming to SF next June, so I can bring you chicken soup to help you recuperate. Love ya babe!