I am not the best theatergoer these days. Firstly, I'm lazy, and secondly, I'm picky, and am often embarassed and disappointed by things that don't meet my stringent requirements (i.e. just don't totally suck, okay?).

However, on Friday I saw a play that could have been doomed to total suckage due to its complex premise, but was in fact wonderful and interesting! I love it when people try something new, and it actually works. I'm talking about Lulu, put on by the Silent Theatre Company, which I saw at the Victoria Theater this weekend. Aside from the fact that this kind-of run-down but still totally cool in the sense that it hasn't been torn down yet theater is a mere two blocks from my house, I was so happy to be able to relax in my seat and know that I was in the hands of capable and committed artists.

Here's the premise: the play is in black and white, and it's silent. That's right, silent, like a movie. (ed. BUT NOT LIKE MIME.) Everyone had "black and white" makeup on, and aside from a few subtitles, the plot was moved forward entirely through movement. If the actors weren't so good, this could have failed miserably and been just a gimmick, but it was soooooo neat and fun to watch!

I highly recommend if you're in the SF area. Also, it's on tour, so click here to see if it's coming to a theatre near you. Support innovative theater! Like poetry, it's not always lame!

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