HGTV, please give me money.

During the last month, I've been attempting to make improvements on my room in this dank dungeon, and my latest has been the most fruitful. I painted two of the orange walls baby blue, and it looks awesome! I've also tried to corral my knicknacks into certain areas, so that it doesn't look as cluttered. This little house came from an antique store down the street, and it holds my ceramic friends quite nicely.

It's a lot easier to spend time doing house projects when you have schoolwork that you really keep procrastinating on. I was about to scrub underneath the stove burners when I realized what I was doing. I wrote my thesis proposal today, and I have my work cut out for me. It's exciting though, to think about all the writing I'll have done and mostly, how cute it will look in the little books I'm gonna make.

Another result of procrastination: CROCHETED CUPCAKES!


ted d. said...

um, I need to start grad school so I can start crafting again... I think I did like a million pieces while undergrad and like 6 in the last two years...

maybe you and I polly should open a special "school" where we assign huge, intimidating tasks, which motivates people to craft.

anna said...

I like that idea. Assignments could be 30-page critical analyses of cultural trends, or archaeological timelines, which were my ultimate enemy in nerd college. I actually started knitting because of a girl who used to knit in my ancient archaeology class!!

But I used to just buy stuff on eBay (yes, some of it was vintage fabric) to procrastinate from college...now I can only craft in the winter. I hate winter, because I'm depressed, but it's when I get projects done. Why so many ambivalencies? WHY?? Is "ambivalency" a word?