I Have Confidence

The Sound of Music is on television. I'm pretty much swooning with holiday ecstasy. My parents went to Starbucks, which has given me the opportunity to belt out "I Have Confidence" for no one but the cat. I would probably really enjoy going to one of those "sing-along-Sound of Music" things, but I may or may not lack the confidence to let go and really crack some glassware. Plus, I'd have to pay someone to go with me.

I am in San Luis Obispo for a long while over the holidays. It is so pleasant. Is living with my parents and watching two movies a day for the rest of my life a post-grad possibility? Wait, no, that's not cool. Unless I can build an addition for mi novio in the backyard.

Yesterday I watched The Shop Around the Corner, the delightful Lubitsch comedy I've seen a thousand times, followed by the musical remake starring Judy Garland and Van Johnson, In the Good Old Summertime. The day before that I watched The Last Time I Saw Paris, and now I desperately want Elizabeth Taylor's haircut from the middle of the film, before she dies from drinking too much and going outside in the rain. It also featured Van Johnson; I enjoy the one character he plays and his deadpan brand of drunkeness.

I've got to go frost some sugar cookies. If this is what heals me, then so be it.


ted d. said...

re: su novio: just start having him live there and never really say anything. That worked for me when I was 15/16.

Derek said...

Ah Christmas. I'm pleased to hear you are recharging in SLO. Thatr sounds so deliciously relaxing. I'm now in the midle of my second day off, and I didn't choose to leave my bed until 1pm. Now I think I will follow some of your example, and stuff myself with old movies and treats.
Merry Christmas!