AVATAR MANIA! aka The Last Shreds of Vacation

Well, with two days left of my winter break, I am fully convinced that the best thing to do is to spend hours making the perfect avatars. I still feel kind of guilty, but less guilty than I will in a week when I have assignments due and places to go.

For Christmas I got my very own candle snuffer in a velvet case, spent time with my family and friends, got eleven vials of blood drawn, collected my urine in a big orange jar for 24 hours, had a chest x-ray, went to Disneyland and had the best time ever, watched at least 20 hours of Law and Order, saw Joanna Newsom, and devised a fantasy world in which I live in Baywood Park and take morning walks along the beach before spending the day knitting and making more avatars.

It was the best Christmas ever, and even though there's a lot up in the air right now, I hope that 2007 will be excellent.


Squidhelmet said...

That sounds nice!

Where do you make these nifty Avatars?

pollyanna cowgirl said...

SQ--I just googled "doll avatar" and it's like one of the first ones that comes up. It is truly one of the finest ways to spend time, next to endlessly rating movies on Netflix.

ted d. said...

um, sounds like my career plan too which is equal parts combing the seas for beach glass and quilting.

i was picturing doing this in sd town, but i think we should combine forces and perform our daily toils there.