Link Crazy!

I'm feeling a little better now. Sometimes when I hate San Francisco, I go out in it to see if there's anything that might change my mind. I decided to go to a different post office (yes, this is how I create excitement in my life), the one on 23rd and South Van Ness, and it was a nice flat trip down the street. I am also always rejuvenated by the attention I get when riding my bike, especially in the Mission, where blatant hipster bike-ogling is a totally acceptable behavior.

I realized I was in the neighborhood of the famous Philz Coffee, so I dropped in to see what all the fuss is about. Not to mention, I hadn't had a cup of coffee in days due to my crippling recurrent stomach illness, which has put me on a bread and water diet and turned me into an extreme crank. Phil was there, and he was awesome. Their gig is making coffee one cup at a time, and it's DELICIOUS. I also appreciated the atmosphere; as much as I wish I could hang out at Ritual Coffee and do some homework, that place stresses me out to no end. I'm more of a Philz gal, where it's kind of dirty and there's a place to sit down, and where the board of health rating is a shockingly low 93%! I like taking my chances like that. Maybe that's why I have giardia. I actually got some writing done and my self-loathing level dropped a few points.

Finally, on my way back home, I decided I deserved a treat, and parked my bike outside Little Otsu, my most favoritest store in the whole city. I bought this poster and put it up in the kitchen. And thus ended my latest excursion into the outside world.


ted d. said...

maybe we have the same creeping malady.

i've been crushed in bed since monday but started taking ill on saturday?

i listened to a show about herbal detoxifying fasts on the radio, so I think i'm going to be better soon.

try to listen to that radio show and see if your liver function &c improve! -teds

Crystal said...

Hello Pols!
I came into regular work today after a insanely busy 8 days finishing the movie, and it was such a pleasure sitting down and reading all your recent posts. They really make me feel that you live so much closer, in the same city almost! To sum up, I am loving the return of your blogging. I promise to call you soon and we can sit down and catch up, kisses-Crystal