As Feburary looms, and my bank account dwindles dangerously, I've been spending money like I have rigged the lottery. The end is nigh; why not go out with a bang? (Due to some bad financial planning, my student loan this semester covers nothing, and in fact, I am actually paying, and as I am still unemployed, there's going to be trouble.)

Yesterday afternoon P. and I had a painfully bad experience at IHOP. Overpriced! Appalling terrible! The coffee was brown water! Nothing was greasy and delicious enough! Since we were in the neighborhood, it was a lead-in to a strange tour of Fisherman's Wharf, which was really fun. We saw lots of boats and crabs and tourists.

Last night was my friend's birthday, and I spent the evening getting awfully drunk and dancing on the stage at the Makeout Room. I drank too many drinks, whiskey drinks, and had a bit of an emotional explosion, as I am wont to do. Luckily, I made it to the privacy of my own home before the waterworks. Oy.

This afternoon, in an attempt to cleanse ourselves from the IHOP travesty, P. and I went to It's Tops, the most bestest little diner in the whole world. I forgot how much I love it there. Did I eat a bacon cheeseburger under a disapproving eye? Yes, I did. P. is anti-bacon since this boingboing post, but having read Fast Food Nation, I think that most meat production is sketchy and awful. It's like booze; I know it's bad for me, but I like to indulge sometimes. Of course, no animals are tortured when I drink a whiskey sour.

Speaking of meat, there's a place here called Tommy's Joynt, which features all kinds of meats for low, low prices in a cafeteria-style setting. I swear, I cannot for get anyone to go there with me! Everyone is a wuss. I want buffalo stew, dammit!

Oh, yeah. The night before I ate at Herbivore and had coconut noodle soup, which makes everything okay, right? :)


Anne Lynch said...

Uhh, I want to go to Tommy's Joynt! Anne

Squidhelmet said...

Tell your boyfriend I"m an avid Boingboing reader as well!

One of my ex-girlfriends use to work at It's Tops - when I was trying to get her to date me I dragged Marty and Clovis there on a couple different occasions trying to run into her, but she had already quit by the time I was stalking her.