I am currently eating a big bowl of quinoa, rainbow chard, broccoli, and onions. I am trying to eat the things that people say you're supposed to eat in the hope that I will someday be the kind of person that wakes up with the dawn and runs a few miles before sitting down to a big bowl of fruit. I've also been very inspired by a certain vegetarian BFF whose incredibly healthy eating habits reside here. Right now it's bacon cheeseburgers one day, tempeh tacos the next, but it's a process, okay?

I'd also like to take this moment to discuss another healthy habit, and that is the fine example of televised programming called Ugly Betty. Godammit, I love the hell out of this show. It is campy, cute, and filled with the kind of dramedy moments that I can really appreciate. I think it even won over the sitcom-skeptical P., although he might have just been humoring me.

In other news, I have a new job. It starts tomorrow, and may involve passing out plates of food in an office environment. Details soon.


maysh said...

Polly, i've been reading your blog. you are so great. i, too, do the healthy + unhealthy thing. one night, roasted veggies and grains, the next, call in an order to Papalote. can't help it =)

Squidhelmet said...

Is that Anna Bond blogging about veggies? It's so serious!

Lynda said...

Hi and so glad you submitted your wonderful blog to Delightfulblogs. After just spending a few minutes reading your posts I knew it was just perfect for our readers. Plus I have a soft spot for San Francisco (born there so many years ago) and am now addicted to Ugly Betty!