After getting the runaround from some confused executives, I am no longer working at the most entertaining administrative job ever. I'm kind of disappointed, because those chefs were hilarious. So chef-like. As my brother said, it was like taking notes from ten Emeril Lagasses all talking at once. Alas. After being employed for a full week and a half, I made enough money to buy myself a present. JUST KIDDING! I'm still totally broke. But I did buy a present, something that I've been wanting forever, but never enough to convince myself that it was okay to buy it. Well, yesterday was the day, and I am now the proud owner of "Me Write Book," a beautifully illustrated and totally funny autobiography of Bigfoot. I love coffee table books.

It was a day for presents, as P. also gave me a trinket (more, more, I say! Polly loves shiny shiny!), this silver art deco clip that I can use to clip all my finest poems together and hang them on the wall for all to see.

In other news, the construction workers outside my house are hurting themselves constantly. One guy just screamed, "FUUUUCK" in agony. I'm not sure they're being very careful. They also dropped a Doritos bag in my backyard. I need to have a chat with them.

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