My little performance on Saturday went well; hopefully I'll get to do more stuff like that in the future. However, the stress levels I created within myself by deciding to live my dream forced me to stay in bed for the majority of the daylight hours today. Yes, that's right, forced. Yesterday, hung-over and exhausted, I sat on the couch with my brother and my boyfriend and my brother's girlfriend and my roommate and his friend and our kitty, and then we ate a lot of spaghetti with meat sauce and watched Zoolander. But that wasn't enough rest for me, I guess. The night before that, we caroused in my new room, where I made everyone watch Pee-Wee's Playhouse until we passed out. Also, a word to the wise: never order pizza from the one 24-hour pizza place in town, no matter how drunk you are. It will be overpriced and also cause a lot a of physical and emotional pain. I'm still trying to heal with copious amounts of hippie beverage of choice, Kombucha.

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