Old at Heart...

Instead of doing what I'm supposed to be doing, I'm working on my garden like an elderly British woman in the suburbs. It's gone from filthy and hideous to slightly less filthy with fewer weeds and less broken glass, but still kind of nasty looking. However, it looks nice enough today that I'm even making some sun tea, and perhaps I'll sit for a spell. Oh, lord.

I did the CCA spring craft fair on Saturday, and once again, I made a killing, which I promptly spent on dirt and flowers, like any self-respecting woman would. I'm not looking forward to my future, when the government doesn't give me magic fake spending money anymore, and they actually want me to pay them back.

I've kept under the radar more than ever this semester, and, for better or worse, I'm feeling pretty good. My main regret about the way the past two years have gone is that I should have worked harder at making friends instead of being such a hermit. Now that it's almost over, I'm going to miss all the people that I didn't hang out with enough when I had the chance.

In kidney news, guess what? I have KIDNEY STONES. Motherfucking fuck fucking ass. Well, I don't actually have kidney stones, but the makings of future kidney stones, discovered in the results of last week's CT scan. They said it supposedly didn't affect the transplant, but I have to go to Stanford tomorrow to see a nephrologist, then do a crapload of other stuff. Just when I thought I was done with testing. I'm crossing my fingers.


ted d. said...

I didn't know this blog was gonna go blue with all this you-know-what talk about your you-know-whats!

Hopefully, they will put you in that ultrasonic tank like they do with others and vibrate your kidneys into suitable, donatable fashion.

The only similar thing I can relate is when Good Will wouldn't pick up the couch in our TV room cuz it was too worn out. The black man from Goodwill told my family that it looked like a "Chicken been peckin' at it"

So maybe you just need to get rid of that kidney chicken, or call Cheaters in and have them surveil your kidneys and see what they've really been up to.

lms said...

oy polly...well, your garden looks fantastic. tell the nephrologist all about it...