This is Puffy. He's a Maine Coon and he's not allowed in my room.


ted d. said...

I was just thinking of sweet sweet Puffy yesterday.

I couldn't sleep and was watching the dance numbers disc from the Busby Berkeley set (hell yes!) and noticed that in Lullaby of Broadway (one of my favorite numbers) she comes home and pours milk for a Maine Coon kitten that looks just like my old cat (Fraeulain Sprengel).. and just like Puffy, but gray instead of tabby.

Which means I am a cat person, even though I want to be a dog person.

I love Puffy, which isn't something I can say about many dogs I have met.

Crystal said...

Hmmmm, cat talk! Let me jump right in. My kitty Strudel is a long haired calico, but Mariah thinks it might be a Maine Coon, which is entirely possible. Not much is known about Strudles background. Also, I love the name Fraulein Sprengle and feel the need to add it to my cats already too-long name. I feel it works. I am too a cat person and seem to be out of sorts with the rest of the world. What to do?

anna said...

Puffy is so stout! and wrigglesome. I can attest to him being an excellent sleeping partner, though who knows how lovingly we might have cuddled were it not for pee fear.

Zeb said...

Who's a fat cat? Puffy's a fat cat!

Anne Lynch said...

Your blog groupies need more posting. :) Hi Polly! I am working on my screenplay that is super overdue and if you don't update your blog I will actually have to keep working instead of reading about your recent adventures. Love, Anne