Like a kid in a candy shop...

Okay, so I think I have my finger on the pulse of San Francisco's next big thing. First it was cupcakes, and now, it's candy. I couldn't be happier about this trend; I embrace it as fully as the return of peep-toe heels and leggings.

I happened upon Miette Confisserie while I was waiting for a haircut and reading 7x7, a magazine for rich people who can afford stuff. I saw an article about a candy shop that had recently opened and when I saw the picture, I said, I have to go there NOW. Luckily, it was only a block away. If anyone is ever wondering about my ideal aesthetic, it's this. On my first trip there, I only had a dollar, but I was able to spend it wisely on a handful of saltwater taffy. The second time I was there, I was with Ted and my sugar daddy (ha ha, ha, ha! ha!), so I was able to get a little more, in the form of some beautiful Caffarel filled chocolates in art nouveax-inspired packaging. If I hadn't already fulfilled my childhood dream job of selling Sanrio products and had my soul sucked, I would want to work here and sell pretty candies. They put your purchase in a little clear bag and tie it with a ribbon. Even if you only spend a dollar.

I thought I had the candy market covered, but then I stumbled upon The Candy Store today while my car was getting an oil change at Jiffy Lube. Stark and modern, it's not as froofy as Miette, which I can appreciate, I guess. The proprietors were super nice and mellow, wearing all black against the white walls, and I told them I'd be back after I was done with all my Easter candy. It just doesn't seem right to be buying more candy right now, when I have a grocery bag full right here at home (thanks for making me too fat to give you a kidney, Mom!)

Also, in the same hood, yesterday I visited my very favorite store of all all all time, Polk-a-Dot Stationery on Polk Street, where I bought myself a new Dream Pet for finishing my thesis. He's kind of a bohemian dude, with a pipe and a beret.

Basically, with shopping options like this, I can't complain about anything.


Ted said...

I loved this place for using that fabric as inspiration for the wallpaper... or whoever did it. It was adorable.

And it had that one pipe sticking out of the ceiling which made it have a flaw, which I also love to see in something I am mad about.

And I ate two burnt caramels, which were delicious.

And you and peter were there.

maysha said...

this is brilliant. i really want to go to these places. also - check out Daiso Japan, in Daly City (across from Target), for super cute things. it's a REAL Japanese dollar store with really wonderful things.
bye bye!