Easter Parade

I'm just sitting here learning to play "In Your Easter Bonnet" on the ukulele, eating pistachios and listening to the construction workers call each other "motherfucker" every thirty seconds.

I'm feeling pretty relaxed today, having just finished my ten-page poetic statement and twenty-minute presentation last night. I was so nervous, my face was red the whole entire time. I did not become less nervous as time went on, but maintained a constant lobstery shade throughout. But now it's over, and I kind of don't have any school stuff left to do. Ever.

Last night I needed some closure, so Peter and I went exploring in Nob Hill. We found a dungeon-esque bar that we basically dared ourselves to enter, only to find that it was very homey. Also, we were given a styrofoam platter of meatballs doused in barbecue sauce! And not like three or four meatballs, but at least eleven! It was a shitload of meatballs. I, of course, was enchanted, but Peter made me put the plate as far from his nose as possible. I ended up eating two: the first one as a gross-out gesture (i.e. fried clams) and the second one because they were actually pretty good.

Then we wandered all around the fancy homes and hotels. Where does that kind of money come from? I don't get it. I did discover a wonderful thing, though: it's quiet up there! There were NO people. I actually felt safe. We even played in a park, and no one was visibly puking or smoking crack. Sometimes I think I'm pretty much over "gritty urban charm," and I might be ready for real charm. Does that make me a snob?


Ted said...

Well, I've got some news for you.

School over? haven't you ever heard of a creative nonfiction doctorate or some such similar? Let's take a year off, write and then you can enter the doctorate program somewhere.

Snob? I embrace my snobbishness, it's what got me to quit smoking (it's a really low class habit, so if you want to hang around low class people...) Pull yourself to the snob side ModPons!

anna said...

Fried clams! What a day.