This much closer to an MFA...

Friends, lovers, countrymen,

I have turned in my thesis for the second-to-last time. After this, it's all about making it look pretty and getting some papers signed. I hope I'll be able to afford to make a bunch of copies so that people who want one can have one. I also might sell it in the "Books and Zines" section of Etsy.
For those of you who don't know, my thesis isn't like other thesiseseses. It's not all academic and shit; it's a 40-page book of poetry and a 40-page selection of essays.

I hope that my teachers like it. I'm certainly not sure if I like it. But I'm proud of the work I did.

However, I just drank a huge beer really fast to celebrate my ambivalence.


ted d. said...

embrace ambivalence. it's all I have.

btw: congratulations!

squidhelmet said...

Congregations Polly! You are almost a master writer!