Cinco de Mayo!

Okay, Seis de Mayo. Another lazy Sunday. I went to the gas station just so I could have an outing, and spent some time browsing in the shop. I bought a "Bone Health" V8 (they were out of Low Sodium), some Chile Picante Cornuts, a pack of green apple Sour Punch Straws, a Luna Bar, a Powerbar, and a Diet Peach Snapple. I resisted buying tortilla chips and a jar of Salsa con Queso.

I have consumed four of the purchased items already. Who wants to guess what they were?

In other news, I am on a new brain medication that means I'm not supposed to drink anymore. It is weird. I miss a cold beer in the evening. Is that wrong? I guess it's a matter of habit. I didn't drink at all in San Luis Obispo; I had other, healthy habits, like swimming laps and eating frozen yogurt. My only bad habit when I lived with my parents was watching too much TV.


some dude said...

I love salsa con queso with fritos

ted d. said...

I love the idea of Bone Health V8... my sister just discovered Diet Coke Plus at the corner market. Discover it's secrets!

I want Bone Health Fritos and Nutraceutical Salsa con Queezy.

Crystal said...

My guess is half each of the V8 and Snapple, the cornnuts and the sugar straws. I want cornnuts! Remember the cookbook we are going to write featuring all cornnut recipes?

pollyanna cowgirl said...

Yay, Crystal! You know me so well. :)

Anne Lynch said...

It's almost Cinco de June-o! Polly Blog Addicts need more blogging! Pretty please with a cherry on top . . . love, Anne