Dear Devoted Reader,

Here is some stuff that has happened since Cinco de Mayo:

1. I graduated from college.
2. I had radioactivity injected into my bloodstream.
3. I watched 2 episodes of Deadwood.
4. My boyfriend visited my parents' house for the first time.
5. It was really fun.
6. I climbed Bishop's Peak and got a really bad sunburn.
7. I saw a life-sized Mousetrap game featuring bowling balls and a huge crane.
8. It didn't work.
9. I had a meltdown and some aftershock meltdowns about living in San Francisco and if I still want to live here.
10. I got a strawberry plant from my brother's sweet girlfriend. It has three strawberries.
11. I got a new digital camera.
12. I made some cute stuff.
13. I went to the Madonna Inn.
14. I ate seafood risotto in North Beach.
15. I got a new car.
16. I'm trying super hard not to panic about everything.
17. I used Jergens Natural Glow Medium and it didn't make me too orange.
18. I changed my pillowcases, but not my sheets.
19. Slept.
20. Saw Spiderman 3 at the drive-in with my brother and Peter.

That about sums it up! I feel crazy, I anticipate feeling crazier, but I hope to find a "place of peace" sometime soon. All I want to do is be in a little cottage sewing and drinking iced coffee.


Anne Lynch said...

I am so happy right now! Love the new post! Love, Pjusni (that it the word verification I got to type)

Derek said...

Polly, you are a true liver of life. I wish I could hook you up with this cabin, but I don't actually know any right now, but if I meet one, I say some kind words in your favor.

ted d. said...

Polly, as already stated, let me reiterate:

If you need to irradiate yourself to feel good, it's o.k. with me, I won't judge.


Crystal said...

OMG, so exciting! Good to know about the Jergens medium glow. That stuff is magic! I also watched 2 episodes of Deadwood. WOW!

Sue said...

Hooray for Polly! I am so very proud of you, lady! I miss you!!!


p.s. We need to chat it up soon! It's been awhile!