Old Intellectual Hotties, vol 2.

Like David Byrne, Steve Martin has shamed himself and embarassed us many a time (The Pink Panther, Mixed Nuts, Cheaper by the Dozen 1 and 2, and the one with him, Eugene Levy, and Queen Latifah was esp. heinuous), but nobody's perfect.

But his film career is only the tip of the iceberg, and the least intellectual of his pursuits. Martin is an excellent playwright, novelist, translator, and generally funny smartypants. I recommend Shopgirl, which is funny and sad, and not totally crappy like the movie turned out to be. Also, I think it has one of the best representations of what a depressed person feels like. Super good and a quick read, too.

Mr. Steve Martin was a philosophy major in college. Also a magician at Disneyland, when they had stuff like that. He's also written some of the best films that he's starred in, like Roxanne, LA Story, and the seriously underrated Bowfinger. That shit is funny.

Here's a video of Steve Martin looking young, hot, and not very intellectual at all. I picked this because I've never seen it before, but mostly because I really like his shirt.

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