First Harvest!

Erin gave me this strawberry plant for my graduation, and, after three weeks, it yielded this perfect strawberry. I've been going out to look at it every day, to see if it's ready to eat, and today was the day. I ate it. It was delicious. I'm a farmer!


Derek said...

I love fresh strawberries. I also love that you are a farmer that harvests just enough for you to eat. I other news, I met a woman today that knows "Johnny". As soon as I said I used to live next to a gypsy named Johnny, she looked at me in dead seriousness and said "Johnny Ristick?". So crazy! I love that he's a local legend.

ted d. said...

I love the idea of you as an itinerate farmer, moving from pot back to same pot, earning your rewards from your days with the dirt under your nails.