pictures of activities! (and flowers.)

I've been spending some much-needed time at my country home in San Luis Obispo. It is so beautiful here, but I've said that a thousand times before. The most beautiful thing is the unlimited supply of Law & Order. Just kidding.

I was bedridden for a week with a bad cold, so I've been packing my activities into the past few days before I leave tomorrow to meet P. in Monterey. We're going to see the otters at the aquarium!

I've been sewing, shopping, exercising, going to the hot springs, eating, sleeping, and spending time with my family.


lms said...

p: we're thinking of a day/weekend trip kind of thing, and near yr country home might be a good bet...could you tell me some fun places, ie hot springs, rivers, etc (ps i am well versed in the madonna inn)

Anne Lynch said...

I read your post while watching Law & Order. Miss you! Love you! Anne