A break from my hospital tale to mention how much I love living in Oakland! Here are some reasons why:

1. On average, I see four different kinds of animals every day. Squirrels, blue jays, cats, dogs, turkeys. In San Francisco, I only saw pigeons.

2. Once again, I've found a cheap, modest living space in a ritzy neighborhood.

3. The small things that sometimes gave me hassle in SF (i.e. post office, grocery store, general leaving-the-house activities) are a lot easier for me here. Everything is within walking distance.

4. I love my new garden.

5. I still have that "just-moved-in" feeling, where everything is clean and that layer of dirt hasn't settled over all the furniture and stuff.

Since I'm not working yet, I've just been doing a lot of sewing and trying to make a lot of things for the holiday season. I've been selling stuff on the internet pretty consistently, which is nice, because it makes me feel less guilty about being unemployed. I'm living the dream!


ted d. said...

um, I saw four kinds of wildlife in sf regularly: crackheads, homeless, gayers, and streeworkers.

ted d. said...

dear internets,

I ordered from kidney jewelry that has still not arrived. can I has it?

...also your place in Oakland is awesome.

Nana said...

hooray for oakland!

Anne Lynch said...

I miss you Polly! Happy Halloween!!! I just left you a voicemail. I apologize that none of my comments are about the actual post, but anyway, sending you love! Anne