It's been almost a month since the surgery, and I'm slowly but surely getting back to normal life. I actually answered the phone today! I applied for a few jobs, took steps to join the CCA alumni writing class, made a new pattern, watered the garden, and now I'm drinking champagne from a can. Things are good, except for the fact that my mom isn't doing as well as I am. The kidney works fine, and the doctors aren't concerned, but she just doesn't feel good, like, worse than before the transplant. It sucks, but the good news is that she gets to go home to San Luis Obispo on Monday, for good, which ought to raise her spirits.

While visiting my mom, I read a mind-blowing article in the New Yorker about the worst case of amnesia ever. It was by Oliver Sacks, who is the cuddliest and most accessible medical writer evar! It made me get a book of his out that I've had forever, A Leg to Stand On, and read it all in one night. It's all about his transformation from doctor to patient after getting attacked by a Norwegian bull. Super good, especially after my hospital experience. He's kind of a drama queen, but it makes for fun reading. Hooray for neurology!

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Squidhelmet said...

Oh Polly!

Thanks for your wonderful Etsy items! I can't wait to give them as awesome gifts!

Glad to hear you're feeling better and are up and around! I hope your mom feels better soon!

Yours is the third reference to Oliver Sacks I've seen recently - I think the universe is trying to get me to read his book - Hannah is a big fan!

Love Zeb