This blog was starting to look too cluttered, even for me, so I'm starting from scratch! Cleaning a blog is way easier than, say, cleaning a closet that has become unmanageable after one short month of use. Yes, I am referring to my own closet. What a disaster! Its contents are spilling out like in a movie when the person opens the closet and tennis rackets, skis, fur coats, and live animals avalanche upon them.

I need to create a better system, but I'm too busy making shrinky dink birds! I actually have been gone most of the weekend, because my mom had to go back to the hospital for a few days. It was alarming, but I guess everything is okay-ish now.

It's a gloomy day in Oakland, and I'm going to be spending the rest of the day in my office, which happens to be just a wall with a desk directly across from the exploding closet, watching Eddie Izzard and making more clutter!


ted d. said...

point one:

I love your profile pic, even if it's an old photo, you look great with one kidney.

point two:

do you know we have a mutual friend who's closet door literally blew open and collapsed on her?

point three:

i have no other points to make.

anna said...

Firefly Express is so glamorous now! oh Pols, I tried to clean out my closet a few weeks ago, and realized halfway through that even just putting all my knitting stuff in one place was ambitious. I did that, but now I keep finding random scarflets and things under piles of towels. I wish I could keep my yarn out and cutely displayed like you do, but...cats.