Mama's Royal Cafe

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Because my mom was in bad shape (she's much better now!), my brother was in town. He took us to Mama's Royal Cafe, which I always want to say "Mama Royal's Cafe," which is wrong. I have the same problem with Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. For once, I didn't want to gutbomb it with a huge omelet, so I got a bowl of hot cereal. It was good, but I ltend to like mushy globules of grain.

I just got a library card and am happy to find that even though our Piedmont branch is tiny, it has an awesome DVD selection. I'm forgoing books until I watch every movie they have. Today I got: Spiderman 2, North by Northwest, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and Walk the Line.

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anna said...

Also remember how one time at F's we called Ruth's Chris Steakhouse to find out how it got that name and the girl who answered was totally bored because a zillion people called to ask that? I thought we were being so zany and industrious.