Home for the Holidays

I've been patiently waiting until the day after Thanksgiving for the soft-hits station to stop playing Peter Cetera and start playing Christmas music exclusively. But I discovered today that it already started! That means two bonus days of Christmas music for me! I am ecstatic.

To most people, Christmas music is something to be tolerated, but to me, it's a relaxing tonic that soothes me into submission. I guess it's the way I was brought up, in a family that celebrated Christmas like nobody's business, with traditional Southern cooking by my grandmother, an assload of decorations courtesy of my mother, and an endless parade of gingerbread by yours truly.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I fucking love Christmas.

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Maysha said...

You MUST be talking about KOIT...gosh I really find that Christmas music soothing as well! Also, I just got Christina Aguillera's old xmas cd for a dollar at the Friends of the Library store and it's pretty good.

Happy Thanksgiving Polly!