Black Eyed Peas

It's good to be home in Oakland, although my sojourn in San Luis Obispo was, once again, nothing less than idyllic. I visited my mom in the hospital yesterday, and she is the picture of health next to her raving, senile roommate. So far, all we know is that her immune system is very strong, which is good, but bad for my kidney. She will remain on the bunny medication for the next few days, and hopefully her condition will improve.

To help things go in the right direction, I'm making a traditional southern New Year's meal, which consists of black eyed peas, collard greens, and cornbread. According to Wikpedia, these foods are "supposed to bring good luck and financial enrichment. The peas stand for coins, the greens symbolize paper money." Our family could use a little luck, and lord knows I could use some financial enrichment.

My mom always makes black eyed peas for New Year's, and they are invariably delicious. Hopefully mine will turn out as good; I'm using my new Crockpot for the first time. I'm hoping to do more cooking like this in the future; Peter got Alice Waters' The Art of Simple Food for Christmas, and I'd like to start eating more vegetables (thanks, Anna!) and fresh foods.

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alice said...

best wishes for you and your mama!