The Healing Power of Bunnies

To combat my mom's rejection of my kidney, she is being given Thymoglobulin, which is a hardcore medication made with "rabbit proteins."

To combat my rising stress levels, I have been playing an adorable online game called "Winterbells," featuring a bunny hopping upon bells in the night sky. The more worried I become, the better my score gets. I challenge you to beat my high score. It's 77,440,340.


anna said...

You are amazing. I think my high score is 900. Winterbells is so hard!!

Squidhelmet said...

This game was HUGE at my work. Picture a bunch of harcore gamers (who usually play Halo with headsets and spend their weekends pwning nOObs on WoW) all competing for the highest score on the game with the bunny and the bells!

I'll try to find out what was the high score to see how you rank!