Lazy by Nature

This weekend I've been alternately working hard and being lazy. We went ice skating last night, which was really fun, and I made Christmas cards all day. The day before that, I visited my parents. Now that my mom is feeling better, she's making up for lost time in Christmas prep. She got me a plastic tree and a bunch of decorations!

The day before that, I made gingerbread houses with my friend Karen. We watched Elf and the Rankin & Bass Rudolph special, which, as much as I love it, can be kind of grating. Everyone is always yelling at Rudolph, and Hermie the Elf is such a whiny baby.

I'm taking this gift of extra free time (yes, I mean unemployment) to try to enjoy the holidays as much as I can. In past years, I've been so stressed out and busy that I haven't been as festive as might have liked. This year, though, I have a lot to celebrate.

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