Oh, Sweet!

Awesome! From now on, all my pictures will be like this. I discovered the photo application Picnik about five minutes ago, and now everything will be awesome forever. Right? Yes.

I just got out of bed, where I was reading the journals of Sylvia Plath (isn't bed the only place you can read something like that?) and then took a surprisingly pleasant nap.

Last night I finished the first book in a long time that I hated! Man, I did not like it. But I was so shocked by how much I hated it that I had to finish it. Maybe if I hadn't read Jonathan Lethem's other works of genius, it would have been okay, but it totally sucked balls. Do not read You Don't Love me Yet. It was trite and pretentious and mostly embarassing to read. Like, it actually made me cringe. I checked some other folks' reviews on Amazon just to make sure I wasn't being extra critical. I wasn't.

But its one redeeming quality was its ability to pull off the use of the word "penisy." As in, "His chin cleft was penisy." Ha!

Oh yeah, this fancy picture is of one of the new pouches I'll be putting on Etsy in the near future.


Squidhelmet said...

Yeah. I haven't read it yet and don't intend to. I think I'm about the only one who didn't like Fortress of Solitude also. Had to drag myself through it.

Gettin a little bored of hipster detritus (the genre, not the website - I've never read the website but I know it exists - I think it's a blog or something)

But I LOVED Motherless Brooklyn! So he's not entirely at the top of my shitlist.


pollyanna cowgirl said...

Yeah, it felt like it should have been sponsored by American Apparel or something. :) Motherless Brooklyn rocks, I've re-read it a bunch of times and it holds up reeeal nice.

anna said...

I am with both of you - Motherless Brooklyn was terrific, but the rest of Lethem's oeuvre strikes me as a bit navel-gazing. Makes me ashamed to live in Williamsburg sometimes.