Busy Week!

I did the Mission Indie-Mart on Sunday, and met lots of nice people! I sold a bit of stuff, but the great news is that I got a wholesale order from one of my favorite stores, Therapy. I've just started considering Pollyannacowgirl a real-live serious business, and this totally helped me feel that I've made a good decision. I'm really excited, because Therapy just happens to have a few locations, one of which is in San Luis Obispo!

Monday and Wednesday nights I was an artists' model at goforaloop, an art gallery in the Mission. I would love to do more of this kind of work; it's really calming and meditative for me to sit perfectly still for three hours. One of the students did a digital painting of me and posted it on his blog: very cool. As you'll see, I'm not nude, although I was expecting to be. But it's just been so darn cold here that I got to wear my favorite party dress instead. (You can't see that it didn't zip up all the way in the back. I've been packing on weight to stay warm!)

In other excellent news, I will be published! This isn't just another affirmation, but the truth: I received notice that two of my poems will be in this year's issue of Monday Night, a super cool literary magazine that focuses on emerging writers. I'll admit that this will be the first official publication of my work, so I'm really happy about it.

The non-creative part of my life still kind of blows; this week I was blessed with an unsuccessful interview and an email "thanking me for my application." I have applied for more jobs in this first month of 2008 than I have in my whole life, and it's starting to harsh my mellow. But I'm not focusing on that stuff, obviously. I'm on fire creatively, right?


ted d. said...

so exciting!

i'm glad that the creative side of life is this fulfilling for you right now, you deserve it.

Squidhelmet said...

"You go girl!" (Said in my best Tyler Perry voice)

That other shit will fall into place.

Congrats on getting published and painted and patronized by Therapy!

katherine said...

I used to shop at the Therapy in the Mission in San Francisco! It is a good place. Nicely done, Polly! (And...hi!)