I think I've hit a plateau in my unemployment shame. I'll keep trying for jobs, of course, but I'm taking it easy on the self-loathing. On Monday I drove to San Luis Obispo and have been thoroughly enjoying my time here, sewing, eating, and all the other good stuff. It's given me a chance to get my head together, which I need to do all the time.

Today I'm being treated to a Will Smith-fest (maybe it's his birthday?). First, I, Robot, which I kinda wanted to see in the theaters but was too scared of the creepy robots. Now, Men in Black, which is always a delight. Just 'cause I'm a fancy poet now doesn't mean my taste in movies can't be lowbrow. Last year Peter and I watched Dumb and Dumber on Valentine's Day, and it was the best V-day I've ever had.

I am also turning into an old lady, not because I'm aging quickly, but because I'm officially obsessed with buttons. I totally snagged a sweet deal at an antique store here; there was a big jar full of buttons with a scoop, and it said $1.50 per scoop. So I picked out all the bestest buttons from the jar and brought my little baggie to the snotty ladies at the counter, who had also been watching my brother like a hawk. What 20-something hipsters shoplift from antique shops? Good lord. I just wanted some awesome buttons!

I got some MORE buttons at Lina G's in Morro Bay, one of my favorite places in the whole world. I also dug through a big button bin there, and came out with a handful of nice buttons. She said I had picked some Bakelite ones, but she cut me a deal for the rest. Then, (and this is where I really dork out) I wanted to know which ones were Bakelite, so I looked it up on the Internet. You can use 409 cleaner on a q-tip to test; if it's Bakelite, the q-tip will turn yellow. It was a fun experiment! One was Bakelite for sure, and three were questionable. Soon I will be on Antiques Roadshow. That could be my job. Yes. Yes.

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anna said...

I think SLO teenagerhood has given us both permanent appearance-of-shoplifting paranoia, especially in little shops run by granny types. I always imagine them watching me and thinking "you just can't trust kids these days," even though I am nearly 30. Also, when I go to stores where there are breakable things, I am always expecting someone to ask me to leave because I am clearly too young to be trusted.

In other news, "Greenbirdie Shoulder Bag" is pretty much the cutest thing I have ever seen.