Chafing: A Primer

Sweet Jesus, it's hot. Like, extremely hot. I took the wrong train home from work the other day, got off at a strange station, and ended up walking the rest of the way home taking the most roundabout route; past Lake Merritt, a few blocks in the wrong direction one way, a few incorrect blocks east, up a hill, across the freeway, until I finally collapsed, dripping with sweat, onto the couch.

Then I had to explain to Peter that when people are just a little tiny bit overweight and they wear fashionable skirts to work, then walk 2 miles home, their inner thighs rub together, creating a truly unpleasant sensation. I had a brief moment in 2005 when I was doing enough swimming and eating enough carrots that my thighs did not rub together, and I rejoiced, and even considered purchasing a pair of shorts. Alas, those days are over.

I'm back home today. I accidentally finished my temp assignment a day early. In my attempt to impress myself and everyone else, I zipped through all that data entry like my life depended on it. I'm too honest (read: paranoid) to pretend I wasn't done and just browse the internet at the office all day, so here I am in this little corner of Hell. (Just 'cause it's hot, you know, not because things are hellish. Just clarifying. I'll tell you when things are hellish. Maybe.)

Sue sent me the most delightful video this morning! While I will warn that it is an advertisement for a product that some people may not love, it's quite tasteful and basically the cutest thing ever! When I see Amy Sedaris doing yet another awesome thing, my heart fills with joy, then jealousy, and then joy again.


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ted d. said...

there's only two things I don't love about that promo video. perhaps you hate them too:

no one needed to tag on "who's up for some xbox?"

the music is cheap.