Flea Market Scores!

Peter and I got up at the crack of dawn on Sunday and walked down to Laney College. It was a little further than we expected, so by the time we arrived, we were sweaty, exhausted, and not really in the mood to join a crowd of thousands swinging buttery ears of corn with one hand, and pushing strollers with the other. However, it ended up being pretty fun.

The Laney College Flea Market is a real scene of the classic swap meet variety. A major difference, though, is that it offers up more stolen goods than you can shake a stick at. Shameless! Bikes, electronics, bras, tequila, and even bottles of olive oil labeled "Mollie Stone's Market." A veritable thieves' market, but we looked hard to find the good stuff. I never think I'm going to find anything in the dusty piles, but in the end, I go home with heavy bags filled with treats. Here are some pictures of the highlights!


Beat Black said...

those sad little bunnies are priceless. so emetophobia eh? that is one of the stranger ones. being sick with the flu must be extra hard on you. ek, i cant even imagine my fear being so unavoidable like that

The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

The bunnies are a hoot, you could have an emo party and decorate with them. But I really love the little umbrella pin!