Cakewalk of Tears

I just talked to all of my Portland friends, who are at Krista's annual cakewalk, an awesome event that involves many cakes, beers, and hot dogs. I love living in California, but sometimes I miss my friends so much. The instant connection I had with so many people was unprecedented, and, as I've learned, hard to replicate.

I'm not very good at making friends, but I am good at keeping them. I made one friend in junior college. We went to regular college together, where I made no new friends but had an awesome time with said friend. Then I moved to Portland, where I started working at a toy store that was magically populated with the people I was meant to spend the rest of my life with, in a non-romantic way.

I had the best times with these people, and I still have them, on the phone and yearly when we meet up in the summer.

I had to move to California to keep my sanity and achieve my goals, and I wouldn't change it for anything, but man, sometimes I just tear up thinking about the people I left behind.


Anonymous said...


I love you mucho- you will always be my long-kept friend, no matter how many days apart our contact or face-to-face meetings are (or how many miles). I don't even regret that we first met doing a ridiculous Dia de los Muertos interactive skit at Cuesta.
Your Said Friend

Pumpkin Pink Cottage said...

those cakes and goodies look to yummy...now I'm hungry...you have a great blog I happen apon it through etsy..have a great day...