The Final Countdown

It's happening. After nearly two years of watching this show off and on, we are finally at the last episode of Deadwood. I have prepared an excellent meal of Dover sole (the cheapest frozen fish option at Trader Joe's), roasted red potatoes, and arugula salad with goat cheese and pine nuts. Whatever happens, the city of Deadwood will be missed by our little household, and I curse the executives who dared to cancel this show.


some dude said...

If you're into HBO Series, I'd check out Six Feet Under. Best series finale ever.

Karen said...

REALLY enjoyed your blog! OMG, we bought all the DVDs of all the Deadwood episodes and STILL haven't finished them. We wait so long between episodes, that we find ourselves starting over... and over... and over.. I never tire of it, though. We just love it! Keep writing... great blog!