I love watching kids/people learn, and I've gotten to see/do a lot of learning in the last two days. As I mentioned before, I'm working as a mentor with the Mentor Artists Playwrights Project. Under the tutelage of the awesome Thomas Kellogg, creator of the program, ten theater artists and ten teenagers work together to create ten one-act plays in a week.

It's only the end of day two, and already my mind is blown at how excited these surly kids are getting about the power of their own imaginations. They're coming up with some crazy awesome stuff, and I feel really lucky to be there to witness it.

Guess what? Being a teacher is infinitely more fulfilling than data entry. Noted for future reference.

Also, I found this image on a gossip blog today and stole it for your pleasure. I am trying to drink less and generally experience good health, coupled with the fact that I'm too poor to maintain blondeness, so I guess the sentiment is true.

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Love the image, lol!! And what your doing with the kids, must be very rewarding. Great blog.