I reorganized my shelving unit last week. It's still as cluttered as ever, but at least it's a little different. I love my little office; it's the sunniest part of the house, and although it's very small, I'm able to do all the sewing I need to do without making a mess of the entire house. Sometimes.
I'm at my parents' house right now, watching the excellent children's film Holes. It stars Shia LeBouef before he became a total douche and was just a precocious kid. It's very rare to find a movie for kids that actually features quality, real acting by young people, and I get super excited when I find one.
Oooh. I just got super excited again, by a commercial featuring a dog dragging his ass along the carpet. What won't they show on TV these days?

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Squidhelmet said...

Oooh! The movie of Holes was highly satisfying! But have you read the book? I actually read it before the movie came out and it is highly satisfying as well!