My Birthday!

Here are some highlights from my birthday yesterday! I had a great day that included an afternoon picnic on a hill in San Francisco, eggplant parmigiana at LoCoco's, a bottle of pinot noir, picking out a present at the Renegade Craft Fair, and general good feelings all around.


anna said...

Wow, what a great dress!! I love it, and the perfect shoes of course. (Even your breakfast matches.) I wish I could have been there for your birthday, my dear. I'm so glad to hear you had a fun day!!

We had Renegade Craft Fair here a few weeks ago, but it started raining and we fled before I had the chance to plonk down a big pile of cash on an awesome handbag... I'm glad your trip was more successful.

I miss you!!! xoxoxo

Sue said...

Happy birthday, dear Polly! I love your ensemble, especially that hot little H + M number. I hope all of your birthday wishes came true! I miss you lots and I hope to give you a big hug sometime in the very near future!!!


Felicia said...

How could you not have an awesome birthday with a beautiful dress like that and a fabulous breakfast and those groovy, cha cha shoes? Happy Birthday! :)

Squidhelmet said...

Polly's Birthday! Happy Birthday Polly! These three pictures tell the story of an awesome day! I hope it was!

Love Zeb