It's Pumpkinniny!

We went out to Arata Pumpkin Farm on Saturday to get some pumpkins. I've been meaning to go out there for years, literally years, I say, but this year everything was aligned for me to go and pick out some pumpkins in a natural environment. This is one of my favorite things to do, and it wasn't too disappointing when we had to put four out of five pumpkins back due to budgetary constraints. Who knew pumpkins were so expensive?

We might also have been paying for the guys dressed up as Roman guardsmen or centurions or something who were hired to stand outside of the corn maze and look tough. Confused? Yeah, we were too. But Arata Pumpkin Farm takes it to the limit, with a weird Greco-Roman theme and a massive, inexplicable metal gorilla sculpture.

I'm starting to realize that my weekends are not as relaxing as I like them to be (I'm trying to create more inventory for the holiday season), and this was a nice exception to the rule.

Also, I bought another pumpkin today at Longs for $1.50 to befriend the overpriced Arata one. Now I'm satisfied.

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lms said...

polly, you're KIDDING ME!

We were there that Sunday!!

did not buy a pumpkin, alas, but did do the hay maze, and the goats, and bought a bough of brussel sprouts.