I'm really into the color trends of fall 2008. They seem extra rich this year!

Here's an example from Etsy seller getfeltup of the colors I'm especially loving; teal and mustard. I also like the plum shade that seems to be everywhere, but I'll shallowly admit that it doesn't look good with my new hair.

I have yarns in both these colors and hopefully I'll get something done before they're out of style again!


everything ok! said...

the purple is INSANELY cool apparently. i didn't even know this until after i bought a purple top for the office a few weeks ago, and then suddenly started seeing the same colour EVERYWHERE... if only i could take credit for being a trendsetter, but sadly i don't think anybody gives a poop what i wear.

also, MUSTARD. probably one of my favourite colours ever. the three colours you've got going there there are super hot together. fall rocks my pants off. it's such a brunette-friendly season.

Estela said...

awwwww yes! i love all those colors!

Mayhem said...

I DO love this color combo...but plum...plum will always be one of my FAVORITES♥