Jugglers Performing in Public

My mentor and friend Cooley Windsor just published his first book; Visit Me in California. It's incredible, a collection of strange and moving fiction that I highly recommend. I saw him read a few weeks ago and he signed my copy with words that I'm trying to take to heart. In a nutshell, he admonished me for being such a wuss (my word, not his), and encouraged me to keep writing and performing. I have a lot of fear and anxiety about doing pretty much anything, and that problem compounds exponentially when it comes to facing my real life goals. I'm pretty wily about making excuses, too. Yup, I'm full of reasons why I haven't been writing very much since I finished my MFA.

But, instead of falling back on my usual MO of feeling guilty and disappointed in myself while doing absolutely nothing about the actual situation, today, I'M TAKING ACTION. I've had my eye on Charlie Varon's solo performance classes for a while, and I now have the registration form printed out in front of me. Do I have $400? No. Do I have time to spare? No. Am I terrified of writing my own show? YES. But I'm tired of making excuses, and I know I'll be proud after I do this.

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