I saw my first fresh dragonfruit today! The flesh color is amazing; it's actually brighter than the picture, if you can imagine that. I was at Rainbow Grocery after dropping off a bunch of products for Whizbang Fabrics, waiting for the traffic to die down so I could come back to Oakland.

Yesterday I showed how much sewing I can get done when I'm down to the wire. It was a lot. A lot more than I usually get done in a night, with my generally unfocused, poky ways. I got through school the same way; waiting until the night before an essay was due, then busting out 15 pages . Procrastination is a bad habit and I'd like to change my ways, but it's worked for me well enough so far that I just can't stop. I guess I'll wait for something really bad to happen.

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Andy Nicholson said...

Did you try the dragonfruit? I'm wondering how others like it.

I saw and tried my first dragonfruit this summer--it's the most spectacular fruit I've ever seen but I actually found its taste a bit bland. A beautiful fruit, though.